About Us

 Inventor was in West Africa for three years before coming to America in 1972 when he started his teaching job in a private school for the deaf in Cincinnati, Ohio. There he later learned to teach computer science. During the course of his career, he managed to build, or remodeled a home three times for his family and yet one more time for his retirement. He also managed to run a craft business twice in between times. All the times he would go in with any problems and find a solution to them. It was a challenge to him. Now he saw a football player solving his problem by creating a device for his hurt leg, so should he for his hurt back. Thus, he quickly created a device, in a competitive comparison with others, including an innovative semi-circular track. He last received patents for that in 2015. So he asked his friends and family to join him for a pioneering venture. We are establishing everything as soon as possible. We have decided to choose an online store as our center of marketing. It will be a direct relationship between our company and customers. A website is being updated with our tested and any other incoming products. Links will be made to connect to most popular social medias. Communications are our key to success. So please feel free to use the Message Us. Thank you... Shop Now